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The highly-competitive Gina Conway Academy delivers world-class, Aveda-trained apprentices to your salon floor. Our industry-leading educators curate top-level new talent, trained to our standards, ready to grow your business.


“I have been extremely impressed with the Academy. Communication has been excellent, and my salon attendees have clearly benefitted. Highly recommended.”  Wendy Nixon – Armstrong Cuthbert



  1. OUR LEVEL-3 GRADUATES ARE READY FOR THE SALON FLOOR. They’re trained, talented, and ready to get to work.

  2. THEY GET THE AVEDA ETHOS. They will be environmentally conscious, trained in Aveda rituals, and knowledgeable about how to deliver high-quality and 5-star customer service to all your guests.

  3. RECEIVE CONSTANT FEEDBACK FROM OUR TEAM. Our educators will be in touch regularly with feedback about your apprentices—we’ll let you know where they are strong and where they can use more support, and how we plan on offering that.

  4. WE SUPPORT CONSISTENCY. As an Academy Partner, you will have access to our curriculum so your trainers can follow along and shadow our team during classes. This complimentary, extra education boosts your in-house training efforts and ensures consistency.

  5. QUALITY MATTERS. Gina Salon Academy is an award-winning salon and all of our high-quality educators are passionate about sharing their knowledge with apprentices


Chose the right people, and train them the best way you possibly can. This creates retention and excellent guest service! PRICELESS.

We are a company world renown with Aveda’s high standards so choosing us over traditional colleges puts you miles ahead of the game.

We are able to offer apprenticeships accredited with City and Guilds and provide you with the funding to do so. Naturally embedded within our curriculum is advice and guidance – supporting your apprentices through our course and providing life skills. Our innovative education program has inspired many young trainees to become highly successful hairdressers through our high-quality standards and personalised approach.

If your salon chooses Gina Conway Academy as your training provider, we will help mentor your educators in the house to help you deliver consistent growth and progress within your teams. As an Academy Partner, you will have regular assessments and progress reports of your apprentices' work so you can monitor their achievements and see exactly where they need help and support. We will hold your hand to set up your team and make sure it is a seamless process for you. Our aim is to deliver the best of the industry and inspire your apprentices through the whole program until they finish and graduate and beyond.

“As an Aveda salon, it was important that my apprentices to be trained by people who understand how to deliver a high level of service. Gina Conway Academy offered us a way of giving our apprentices structure hairdressing education from Aveda-trained Stylists in a familiar environment.”  Billy Ryan – Tribe


Government funded


Employer incentive. The government provides employers £1000 for taking on a 16-18-year-old apprentice, no matter the size of the business.

Level 2 Apprenticeship is free for a 16-18-year-old apprentice for salons with less than 49 employees. If the salon employees over 50 employees (and is non-levy) then a 5% employer contribution of £550 plus VAT is required. 


The same 5% employer contribution is required for an apprentice over the age of 19, regardless of the number of employees working in the salon.

Levy paying employers pay an apprentice tax. There are a limited number of levy-paying employers within the hairdressing sector – if these employers do not spend their apprenticeship funding allowance, they lose it to a tax.

Your New Recruitment Strategy:


Gina’s Advice “When we started to grow our own hairstylists from the ground up with Aveda’s high standards rather than a traditional college, we found our retention was better and the service level for our guests was off the charts. Building your business with people who know your business is the best way to seamlessly move forward.”


Apprenticeships Funding and Terms and Conditions here.

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