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The academy runs one day a week and apprentices will need to be released from their employment to attend as part of their working week (it is not on their day off). 

An apprentice must be employed for at least 30 hours per week and eligible to live/work in the UK.  

Before starting the course, all apprentices will need to provide a copy of their passport/ID national card and complete a set of paperwork with both employer and apprentice. Apprentices will also complete an interview, induction to the academy and initial assessments to determine their current level of maths and English. Whilst the academy does provide models, the ultimate responsibility comes down the apprentice. The academy has an online booking service for models, so please ensure not to provide personal phone numbers as a matter of Safeguarding.

We provide electrical equipment to use at the academy, though you will need to purchase a kit before starting the course. A list of hairdressing tools needed can be found here.

Learners may also need to purchase an additional block head, though we try to discourage block work as you will be working on models to progress through the course.

Alongside ID’s we also require copies of GCSE certificates for maths and English or any other relevant qualifications.

Find out more about funding the courses at GCA.

Have you had some questions? Leave us a message and we will contact you shortly!

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