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The GCA Team

We are passionate about education and therefore invest in our team to ensure we provide the very best skillsets from our art team, qualified teachers, assessors, and on-going quality assurance checks.


Our classes remain small to ensure that every learner receives personalised learning to suit their individual needs and preferred learning style.

Gina's artistic team has been invited to do international shows including 2018’s Aveda Congress, the largest show to date celebrating 40 years of Aveda. Her flagship London locations give her recognition all over the world, and her reputation is synonymous with 5-star quality service as standard.




The highly-competitive Gina Conway Academy delivers world-class, Aveda-trained apprentices to your salon floor. Our industry-leading educators curate top-level new talent, trained to our standards, ready to grow your business.



“When we started to grow our own hairstylists from the ground up with Aveda’s high standards, we found our retention was better and the service level for our guest was off the charts. Building your business with people who know your business is the best way to seamlessly move forward.”

- Gina Conway

Our mission: To deliver outstanding, conscientious, and ethically aware training to future generations, with a strong focus on customer service and environmental leadership through the use of products, tools, and behaviours. 

Our values:


  • Equality - to respect and be kind to one another.

  • Environmental - to love and protect our planet.

  • Encouragement - to support and nurture each individual to achieve their very best.

  • Employability - to enable our learners to be work-ready for the salon.


My story; Gina Conway

In my eyes the best way to grow my business is to build and nurture the talent within, thus ensuring that the Gina Conway vibe is present in each and every one of my staff. I decided to formalise this experience, and after much thought and research the Gina Conway Academy was born; my own scheme with a qualification at the end of the course, allowing apprentices to be qualified with an NVQ relative to our salons’ high standards.

Our commitment to integrating the 5-star experience through every aspect of the curriculum makes the training robust and the learners ready to do a good job as a true professional at the end of the program. The apprentices learn The Art of Colour, How to Retail, How to Build Your Column, Consultation Wheel of Excellence, and of course Haircutting for Success. 

My talented team of educators understands that investing in the next generation of hairdressers is key to business growth and loves passing on our knowledge to young, hungry apprentices. 

Gina Conway - GCA.png
Brad Wrightson - GCA.png
Alex - GCA.png

Gina Conway has owned multi-award winning salons in London for 20 years. Her skill and knowledge of the industry are second to none, and she attracts the top of the profession with her charisma, charm and skill.

Brad is our Head of Centre. A former hairdresser, Brad is the glue, he is the brains and brawn. He is responsible for the quality of the Teaching, Learning and Assessment - his experience is essential in running a tight operation.

Alex is an experienced assessor and educator who has specialised in teaching the last 10 years. Her inspirational teaching is the reason so many learners have become successful hairdressers. She also guides the team as lead assessor.

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